VPS providers that accept XMR

Last modified on 17th December 2021.

Do you happen to know a VPS provider that accepts Monero for payment? Join #cyberia and let us know.

The list of to us known VPS providers accepting XMR as payment:


These providers only require an email address for signup and ordering. No third party is involved in payment processing.

supports custom ISOs and provides VNC access;
XMR shows up only when about to place an order
supports custom ISOs and provides VNC access;
communication secured via OpenPGP (for email) or OTR (for XMPP);
Linux operating-system-level virtualization (read: containers);
communication can be secured via OpenPGP, but it has a bit lower priority;
OpenBSD isn't a ISO option, but support staff might be able to install it;
owns everything but the DC in Sweden location;
in JP, NL, CA: owns the IP space, transit is 5Gbps via Choopa LLC, has virtual routers, seems upstream provider is Vultr;
in DE, FI: leases the servers that are used for virtualization (they "own" the VPSs), seems upstream provider is Hetzner;
Ukrainian Data Network
communication secured via OpenPGP;
virtualization powered by QEMU/KVM, thus should support pretty much any amd64/i386 OS (in particular, supports OpenBSD);
SPICE access available on request, to do OS installation/debugging;

Not privacy-aware

supports OpenBSD;
fast reply times from support;
unsure about how much information you have to hand over to create an account or be able to make a payment;
XMR (and other cryptocurrencies) payment might only be supported for servers located in LU;