CyberiaIRC Privacy Notice

Last modified on 10th July 2022.

("CyberiaIRC", "we" or "our") is a free and open IRC network, operated by individuals around the world. IRC gives users as complete control as possible about their own data, which is why we view our network as privacy respecting.

This privacy notice is intended to inform you about your privacy within CyberiaIRC. We want you to be aware and in control of your freedom, for that you need to know what data and metadata you are carrying with you.
We assume that most users will however never read it and thus try to keep defaults in respect to the user's privacy. We are sure you will learn something if you are going to give this document a read, especially if IRC is new to you.

Significant changes to this privacy notice will be announced within CyberiaIRC as a wallops message. A link to this privacy notice is mentioned in the message of the day (MOTD).

We strongly advise you to not connect to CyberiaIRC if you have a problem in understanding this privacy notice. You should always be aware of what data you share. If you have questions that you would like to ask before you connect, do so in the form of sending an email to us.

What is IRC

IRC, short for Internet Relay Chat, is a protocol. It is commonly used to communicate in the form of text. Communication is possible one-on-one as well as in groups, which are commonly referred to as channels. You are connecting to an IRC network by using an IRC client such as irssi or weechat. We recommend you to choose an IRC client that respects your freedom. Your IRC client should be transparent to you in what data it shares with IRC networks and any possible third parties.

Text communication

Everything you send within CyberiaIRC must be considered received by the recipient(s). They have received a copy of your message. You can not take this copy away from them. This is very similar to offline communication or technology that provides a way to do voice calls.

IRC does therefore also not give you any way to "delete", "edit", "redact" or "remove" sent messages. We believe such functionality leads to a wrong sense of security and privacy.

What are network operators

Network operators is a selected group of people tasked with ensuring that the IRC network is operational. They have access to at least one server computer on which the IRC server program is running. They also have access to specific additional functionality on the IRC server program, to perform tasks related to network management.

The message of the day (MOTD) lists the network operators for the server computer to which you are currently connected.

Data collecting, processing and retention


CyberiaIRC is aware of your connection data (IPv4/IPv6 address and port from which a connection originates) for as long as your connection to it is alive. If you connect over Tor to our onion services or over I2P to one of our I2P addresses, CyberiaIRC will not know about your IPv4/IPv6 address and port.

Clearnet connections are always secured with TLS between your IRC client and the server within CyberiaIRC to which you make the connection. Connections to a Tor onion service are encrypted by Tor, regardless of whether you have configured TLS in your IRC client. Connections to an I2P address are encrypted by I2P.


Your IRC client can set a nickname, username and realname as your online identity. This data is stored for as long as the connection between your IRC client and CyberiaIRC is alive. You control this data in the settings of your IRC client. CyberiaIRC does not modify this data.

Nicknames and usernames can stay on CyberiaIRC beyond the time of your connection.

Metadata and additional protocols

IRC tries to be very simple and minimal. Despite that there is still some additional metadata stored within CyberiaIRC for as long as the connection from CyberiaIRC to your IRC client is alive:

Data access

CyberiaIRC does not enforce location based access restrictions. Everyone on the Internet can connect and use CyberiaIRC as long as it is in compliance with our network and channel rules. Access to CyberiaIRC is a privilege, not a right. We can remove your access to CyberiaIRC at any time at our network operators discretion.

CyberiaIRC network operators do not have access to text communication when not specifically addressed to them. In this regard we are no different to any other IRC user on CyberiaIRC. We are therefore unable to do any sort of network wide text communication filtering or monitoring. We rely on abuse reports to act in case the network is used for illegal activity.


CyberiaIRC network operators are able to view connection data.


Everyone within CyberiaIRC can access your provided IRC identity if they are aware of your nickname. This is done via the WHOIS and WHO command.

Metadata and additional protocols

Data usage

Data is used by CyberiaIRC for the following reasons:

This allows CyberiaIRC to host and operate an IRC network for the general public.

Data transfer

CyberiaIRC server computers may be around the world and outside of the country where you live.

Data requests

Data requests include portability, correction and erasure.

We do not have any connection data after your stay. Data requests can therefore only result in information if you are still connected to CyberiaIRC by the time the request is processed.


Enquiries regarding this privacy notice and all further questions should be addressed via email to, to be handled by our network operators.