Welcome to Cyberia. We provide various open and free Internet services since 2016. The word Cyberia is a reference to the nightclub Cyberia Café & Club from Serial Experiments Lain.

This website is also published within Tor as an Onion service and on I2P via this base32 address link.


17th January 2022: A new leaf server is now linked to CyberiaIRC, dedicated to making CyberiaIRC reachable over I2P. Connect to CyberiaIRC over I2P.

6th January 2022: Our website is now available within I2P. The tracker will not be made available via I2P. A link for IRC is planned.




We accept donations via Monero. Our address is:


Also available as:

Don't forget to double check the Monero address after scanning one of the QR codes. We highly suggest fetching it over Tor or HTTPS.


Report abuse to Network operators can usually be found on CyberiaIRC.